An important part of our job is to make sure all of the services we provide are done so in the most honest, transparent and ethical way possible.

The success of our work depends on integrity in the workplace and compliance with state and federal laws related to fraud, false claims, theft or embezzlement, kickbacks or other violations. The information on this page is intended to keep the public informed about our agency and to make sure we and our partners are in full compliance with state and federal requirements. Should you have any questions or concerns about corporate compliance, please contact us.

What is your role as a partner?

Whether you are participating in our Accountable Care Organization or in DSRIP, you can play a role in maintaining our culture of compliance. Here’s how:

  • Know your compliance duties and how they relate to your every day tasks on the job
  • Frequently review compliance policies with your supervisor and ask questions if there are any uncertainties
  • Know what is in the Code of Conduct and strive to achieve and sustain those standards
  • Do your best to identify potential problems early – if it feels wrong, it may very well be wrong!
  • Look at auditing and monitoring findings as opportunities for improvement
  • When new policies/procedures are implemented, take time to study them and incorporate them into your job
  • When in doubt, contact the Compliance Officer and ask questions
  • If you suspect that quality indicators are being falsely reported or that a provider is falsifying documentation to satisfy requirements, report it!

To view NCI’s DSRIP Compliance Plan, click here.

To anonymously report a compliance issue, please fill out our Compliance Concern Form below. Your information will remain confidential.