Care Manager of the Month: Trisha Kelly

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Every month, NCI profiles a local care manager to help the community learn more about the valuable role they play in our region’s healthcare system.

The “Care Manager of the Month” for May 2017 is Trisha Kelly!

care manager

Trisha Kelly is our May 2017 “Care Manager of the Month”!

Trisha works at ACR Health’s Watertown office as the Support Services Care Manager Supervisor. She also has a small caseload of patients who she provides care management services for. We sat down with Trisha and asked her a few questions about herself and her job:

Q1: Where are you from?

“I am from Michigan, the metro-Detroit area. I moved here with the military last May so I am still getting to know the area and different agencies.”

Q2: Did you go to school in Michigan?

“Yes, I went to Michigan State for my undergraduate degree and Wayne State for my Masters in Social Work.”

Q3: How long have you worked at ACR Health?

“I’ve worked at ACR Health since October 2016. I started as a care manager and as of January 2017, I have been the care manager supervisor.”

Q4: Do you carry a caseload as well as supervise?

“Yes, I carry a small caseload and supervise four care managers at the Watertown location. I will begin supervision of the Canton office in June. There are three care managers in that office that I will supervise.”

Q5: What is your favorite part about working at ACR Health and care management? Is care management something you’ve wanted to do since graduating?

“I was more clinically focused. I worked in a nursing home for four years and then in short term rehab for almost a year before I moved here. When I moved here, I wanted to try something different…a community position. My favorite part of working at ACR Health is working with staff here. It’s a friendly environment and everyone gets along. We all look forward to coming to work and getting our work done. My favorite thing about care management, other than the working environment, would be the challenge. It’s not always easy when working with this population, but I really enjoy the challenge.”

Q6: What do you like to do outside of work? Any hobbies or interests?

“I love to boat! I grew up boating with my family in Michigan. My family owns a lake house so we grew up water skiing and slalom skiing. It’s my favorite activity.”

Q7:  What’s your favorite movie?

“Pay it Forward” and “Pitch Perfect”

Q8: Is there anything else you would want others to know about you or your agency?

“Just that ACR Health offers so many different services that people don’t realize. I’m going to try my best to get the information out there. I also firmly believe that working together with other community agencies is so important!”

Check back in June to see who our next Care Manager of the Month will be!

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