Financial Information

DSRIP Financial Information

It’s no secret that the DSRIP program is complex and often difficult to understand. The every day finances behind DSRIP are equally as complex, but incredibly important! What follows are some useful documents and forms to help our partners and community better understand the financial aspects of DSRIP.

For a complete look at quarterly and year-by-year financial information related to our PPS, click here.

Funds Flow Information:

Phase 2 Funds Flow Distribution Webinar (PDF)

Phase 2 Funds Flow Distribution Procedure and Payment Schedule

Phase 2 Funds Flow Distribution Webinar Q&As

Definition of “Medicaid Billable Visits”

DSRIP Site Definition

Procedure for Paying Revenue Loss and Sustainability Dollars

Helpful Forms:

DSRIP Project Involvement Change Form

DSRIP Partner Remediation Form

Have questions?

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