Care Coordination

Care Coordination

care coordination

Tammy Potter, a care manager at the Carthage Family Health Center, gives a hug to her patient, Debbie Platt, in September 2017.

As our increasingly complex healthcare system continues to evolve and grow, our patients are receiving care and interacting with a number of physicians, nurses, case managers and other healthcare professionals across multiple settings. As a result, we’ve learned that healthcare providers must coordinate with each other to ensure the patient gets what they deserve — the right care at the right time and by the right person.

Care coordination is a system in which teams of healthcare professionals work together to ensure all of their patients’ health needs are being met. It encourages communication, collaboration and information sharing among healthcare providers and utilizes care coordinators to help patients who may need additional help.

Care coordinators are trusted advocates who go above and beyond to assist with a patient’s medication questions, transportation issues, insurance coverage, referrals, housing, and much more.

Looking toward the future, as healthcare delivery moves away from a “fee-for-service” model and is replaced with “value-based care,” healthcare professionals are focusing more on the outcomes of patient care — and care coordination is at the center of this shift.

Since care coordination is a crucial part of improving our region’s health and reducing fragmentation within the healthcare delivery system, NCI is committed to creating an effective and sustainable care management platform across Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence counties.

This page is dedicated to providing valuable resources for our region’s care coordinators. If there is anything you’d like to see added, please get in touch with NCI’s Care Coordination team!

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